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Fear The Walking Dead, let’s discuss.



We are four episodes into Fear The Walking Dead and I’m intrigued. I’m on board. Mostly on the strength of the main couple. I like both those actors and I’m in for a few more to see where we are heading with all this.

I would have loved to see the breakdown for casting the part of Travis; “seeking clean cut, good boy with an underlying essence of grit and toughness.  He is a family man but we can see the  journey he has taken, and will take in his eyes. Must be vaguely ethnic. Could he be Middle Eastern, Egyptian, maybe he is Sicilian or Portuguese?  Must NOT be Black. as he will not be killed off.” (we all know in the Walking Dead universe we are only allowed one Black guy at a time. And FTWD went and killed off Fiona Apple’s err…Alicia’s boyfriend in the first ep. Thus far we haven’t been introduced to another Black main character. Also, sometimes we have to trade someone rad like T-Dog or Tyrese and we get to keep someone like Derpy Bob,  and that’s just not fair. PLUS we all agree Sasha deserves  better, right? RIGHT? I digress…)

I thought it was a little trite that the premiere had only the junkie and the troubled kid at school saying something crazy stuff was going down. OH! And then of course there was Nick’s old BFF Preppy Cute Black guy who turned out to be the drug dealer and then, you know, died. 

But whatever. I love the Walking Dead so much I am hanging in, and honestly shouldn’t the premise of it all beginning be SCARIER? Like, we should all be able to imagine this happening. But my husband and I intersperse voracious watching with quoting Shaun Of The Dead. You’ve got red on you.

Next  we need to talk about Nick’s hair. Listen, Nick, we all have our struggles. His include being a junkie with greasy hair that can withstand even a slightly slimy chlorinated pool. I’d say perhaps the slime gave him a grease assist, but we are four episodes in and we know….that ish is all you. It’s like Edward Scissorhands was a formative experience in young Nick’s life and he thought “I’m gonna get that hair! But less stylish”  This week featured the rounding up of the sick and the weak and the ever wise, slightly annoying but somehow I still love him Mr. Salazar warned Assistant Principal Barbie that they say you’ll come back but ya don’t.  Of course Nick was rounded up for being an addict and carefully placed in an ambulance, no that’s wrong, they tossed him in a truck like cattle and he was whisked off to the hospital(?) We know he will be back since he is the main character’s son, which is kinda too bad because he takes away from Fiona’s self harm, breaking and entering story line, which is really only missing an instrumental version of “Criminal”. Poor kid. We can only hope that before Nick escapes he makes use of the industrial showers and some Head & Shoulders Oily Hair shampoo.

And maybe some bronzer. This is LA, after all.

Travis’ son Chris is the sleeper hero. They discount him already but he is the one who tried to help Fiona get over the fence when next door neighbor auntie was trying to eat her. He’s optimistically documenting what’s going down in hopes of scoring a TLC special once the world is righted. Perched on the roof (like a fiddler while LA burns) he notices a flashing light. Do we think the blinking light is a person? Is that Morse code? I don’t know Morse code, do you? And how would one look it up in order to try to communicate? I mean iPhone is dead, Google is gone. Dad doesn’t believe but Stepmom Barbie does, and perches herself roof top to watch the beautiful early morning sunrise with a mini flashlight, blinking. I’m pretty sure she is messaging “Is Sephora still standing? I am almost out of this AMAZING lip color!”

Someone blinks back. “No girl, it’s gone. Also everyone is dead.”

Will our hearty crew reunite with Nick? Will they bust out of the fence and go in search of Blinky? And will be Blinky be black? Cause if so, don’t get too attached.


Are you guys enjoying the show? Thoughts?

Thing I shouldn’t love but do: The Red Band Society

Apparently I am not too old for teen dramas…and this one is a doozy. WHY do I like this show? There are so, so many things so very wrong with it, and yet…I love.

If you’re not familiar with the show it takes place in a pediatric hospital wing and focuses on several long term patients. And boy does it deal in stereotypes. The central character is a super cute-even bald- young preppy white soccer player named Leo, he is charming and charismatic and making his way through cancer and the loss of his leg the best he can.  Next up is his best friend Dash, a young African American who has Cystic Fibrosis and yet still smokes, steals doctors cars and dresses like Kid and Play had a baby. Then there’s Kara, the heartless blond cheerleader who is literally in need of a new heart. Emma, the young artistic and anorexic girl and-obviously- tormented love interest for Leo. Jordi, another cute young white kid with cancer, will he lose his leg or won’t he? Inquiring minds want to know. Will he steal Emma’s heart away from new best bud Leo? Stay tuned. And last but not least, Kara the mean cheerleader’s roommate, a young boy named Charlie who is in a coma but communicates with the others whenever they lose consciousness or have surgery.


In the pilot episode Leo gives everyone one of his red medical bracelets thus forming a Red Band Society. Let’s discuss how incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY dangerous it is to be wearing someone else’s medical information on your person. Even if you are long term in-patient and the doctors and nurses know you, stuff happens. Did I mention how DANGEROUS this?

And yet…I love.

I have to say that the key to the reason I do love the show is it is incredibly well cast. All the kids are really wonderful and so far handle everything earnestly, even poor Kara who is locked in with the most one note cheerleader character is finding some room for growth. Red Band Society also has Octavia Spencer as the lead nurse and ZOMG My So Called Life’s Wilson Cruz as a nurse and dude I hope they unleash these two and let them fly because to have Octavia Spencer and not give her more than be the grumpy nurse with a secret heart of gold is a shame. A damn shame.

So, to sum up: this show is full of wrongness and issues and I am far, far too old to love it and yet…here I go, checking to see if there’s a new episode onDemand. Because Lord knows I don’t get to watch anything live!



The World Does Not Owe Us Spoiler Alerts.

photo ABC, obviously. damn she is gorgeous.

Last night I fell asleep at 8:30 p.m. And that is because I am super rad. OR that I am 6 months pregnant and have an almost 3 year old who is just SO THREE (looking at you Hucklberry.) Either way, I missed Scandal. I know, right? 

Now, I have opinions on spoilers, and it’s not a very popular one. And I walk the walk. I missed Scandal and yet I do not expect the entire world to not talk, FB or tweet about Scandal to save my sad sleepy self a spoiler. What makes MY enjoyment of the show more important than yours? Nothing. What makes the West Coast’s more important than the East? Nothing. If I miss the show, I miss the show. You should still get to talk about it!

We talk  a lot about personal responsibility in this country and yet here is a situation where I see people skewering, viciously eviscerating people on social media over…no, not gun control, or clean water or the war against women, but a tv show.

I’ll never mock TV, I made a living in it for years and I love it and social media and tv and escapism is a human need and has been around since Eve ate that apple, or whatever you believe. We day-dream, we read, we watch movies and tv and we play video games because life is freaking rough and we need an escape and when our escapes are thwarted man do we freak.

I have my own rules for spoilers, and they are this:

Twitter: all bets are off. Twitter is real-time. Don’t want to know, don’t sign on. There are only 140 characters per tweet and it moves at the speed of light. I’m going to tweet the hell out of Scandal along with 2 million other people and that’s it. networks are encouraging this because it is a global living room. My kids may be asleep and my husband not home but I can still turn to you and say DAMN DID YOU SEE THAT???

FACEBOOK: I will always try to be polite on FB, I have a LOT of West Coast friends and if I really feel like I need say something on FB I will make my status something  like “Who’s seen Scandal? LETS TALK IN COMMENTS.” (That hasn’t prevented people who haven’t seen it from clicking and THEN getting pissed that they saw a spoiler and to that I say NO. You click, you see, your fault.) That being said once it has aired in all time zones all bets are off.  I don’t do a lot of TV talk on FB but if I see something after it’s aired oh well.

The onus is on US, not the rest of the world. And yeah that sucks to have to stay off twitter, sometimes twitter is the only adult conversation I get in a day! (slight exaggeration, but you SAHM’s know what I am talking about)

So I missed Scandal last night. And I know what happened because the world didn’t stop. There are a lot of injustices in this world, Relisha Rudd was missing for 3 weeks before she was even reported missing. And that barely made national news.That’s an injustice.  Someone dies on the Good Wife and it’s on the Today Show. That just sucks we know what happened before we saw it. Cause I dvr’d that hist but DUDE what a plot twist. How could people NOT talk about that?

I’m not saying tv isn’t important and we don’t love it…but man. So don’t worry about telling me that Titanic sinks, Apollo 13 makes it back to earth, that they were dead the whole time (or were they?) on LOST or that Ross and Rachel end up together. The world keeps going even if I pass out at 8:30.

Because I am RAD.

How did all those husbands fit into one car?

I have a confession: this Memorial Day weekend we went places and did things and neither of my babies were in bed before ten on any of the nights. It was a blast, and very, very exhausting. All of this to set up that this was the reason Boss was snuggled in bed with me to watch the premier of The Bachelorette.  I’ll take my parenting award now, thank you!

I was impressed by his witty commentary on “how many husband’s can fit into one car? It’s a clown car, mommy”

TRUTH, Boss. Truth.

I confess, I always enjoy The Bachelor more than The Bachelorette because well…women be crazy. Usually the men are a little less insane. Usually. Poor Des. ABC has culled some seriously LCD dudes this season. Before the party even ended our sweet little Des was forced to send a lovely young man who’s “mom says I’m good looking” home. Home, I am sure to a strange collection of china dolls who he dresses up and sleeps with at night. This dude had a singular focus on getting her in the ‘fantasy suite’ that didn’t just border on creepy, it bordered on has anyone checked on the female abduction rate in this guys neighborhood?
As much as I love the crazy, I love innocuous crazy. Let’s not have any actual danger thank you very much.

Which brings me to Bachelor #1. Ben, who got the very first rose. Why you may ask? Well, he proved the old adage that babes cannot resist a puppy or a baby. And Des fell for it. While most of twitter (including myself) raged at the pimping out of the tiniest bachelor ever, Brodie. This kid was so cute and so just…awwwwww inducing I wanted Des to toss everyone in the pool and take sweet Brodie to DisneyWorld. Make it happen ABC, I know you can. Meanwhile, I wondered if Brodie’s mom was calling her lawyer. Cause I’m telling you…that ain’t right.

Kasey, a social media expert spent the night subtly suggesting hashtags to the viewing audience. I have some for him #notonyourlife #Idontthinkthatmeanswhatyouthinkitmeans #douchebag #getoffmytv #seeya

Then there was Zak. With a K. Just a K. Not ch, not ck, not even a shirt….just a k. So desperate for attention was our shirtless leader that he jumped into the pool. Then stated he ‘earned’ the rose for that hard work. Zak, I feel like we may need to work on the definition of ‘earning’ something.

Overwhelmingly I cannot fault Des for her swift picking of Juan Pablo, the soccer player with an accent. Seriously? He wasn’t a douche and did I mention he’s a hot soccer player with an accent?

I’m not even going to go into details about the magician, the guy who wore a full suit of armor or poor Larry, a glasses wearing ER doctor who didn’t even get to say hello before he had to say good bye.

Next weekt hey  we begin proclaiming their love and even resort to fisticuffs. Perhaps they’ll bring old ER Doc Larry back to stitch up some dudes.

(Photo credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Photo)