Opinion: Everyone Should Move On From Telling Hillary to Move On.


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton arrives with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for the third presidential debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Another day, another OpEd telling Hillary she should go away. It is so annoying that she reminds us constantly by existing that we elected a maniac. I mean we already told her to get lost and start knitting. It’s winter and we all need socks, so what is she doing with her free time? Then again, knitting is kinda cool, so it’s too good for her. She should really go somewhere with high humidity and only be allowed to wear a hair shirt.

Why does she insist on being so here and literate, and now that she is unleashed from campaigning she is funny and charming? What is that about? The nerve of that woman, I swear.

Another thing, how dare she even think that Comey or Russia or the gutting of the Voter Rights Act or unconstitutional gerrymandering have anything to do with her loss? I mean, sure we have all the data and male pundits and statisticians have said it, but how dare she not simply take all the responsibility? She should get herself to a nunnery for some solid soul searching. Where is her mea culpa? Why won’t she lay prostrate and let us abuse her and blame her for letting us down? When will she walk through the streets like Cersei while we cry shame! You let us down by 79,000 votes in the exact right districts! SHAME!

Who does think she is giving inspirational speeches encouraging us and raising money for down-ticket Dems? Encouraging women to run for office? Honestly. Its almost as if she thinks she still has something to contribute even though she isn’t president.

Now comes the paragraph with the qualifiers; because the rules that are you are not allowed to like, speak, or write about Hillary Clinton without qualifying. Hillary: Perfect, no. Late on marriage equality, yes. Wrong on Fracking, yes. That Crime Bill when she was First Lady, am I right? Etc etc etc.  She was, as will no doubt be included in her obituary, a “flawed candidate”. Something, by the way, every single person who ever has or will run for president will be.  Thomas Jefferson purchased a 14-year-old girl for a” love” slave, Donald Trump bragged about sexual assault on tape, Nixon was a crook, Bill got a BJ. But do go on about how flawed Secretary Clinton is. Again and again, she is expected to be perfect and to be punished for falling short. For being human.

She should go away. If you lose the presidential race you simply disappear. Like John McCain, Mitt Romney, Al Gore and John Kerry. They were never heard from again. Ghosts.

Knitting from the beyond….

Hillary Clinton has something to say. If you don’t like it, change the channel, but I myself and tired of being told to be quiet, so I am here for her voice.


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