Let me fat in peace


Yesterday Cardi-B took to instagram to comment on her weight. It was the insta heard round the world. Her video clip will certainly go down in history as it contains one of the greatest sentences ever uttered by a human.


It will be entered in the quote hall of fame along with:

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Let me fat in peace.

While it’s true that as a performer Cardi-B’s image is in play with her career, but only female artists ever field questions about weight, and of course if they gain weight surely it must because they are pregnant. Cardi-B speaks for us all when she says, hell no, let me fat in peace. Even in the midst of the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp she gives us a good reminder (and a comeback I wish I had thought of, to be honest) of how every day women’s bodies are still for public consumption. I heard a lot of comments on Justin Timberlake last night, some valid, some hilarious and so wrong, but not one on his body and whether it was in and of itself acceptable. Women artists are not given the same respect. Cardi-B’s worth as a performer or a person is not lessened by an extra 5. Let the woman fat in peace!

For now, body shaming-along with slut shaming, which Cardi-B is also no stranger too, is the first weapon in the arsonal when women are too strong, too powerful too…much. There is nothing a woman can do that a man must comment on.


May we all fat in peace. May we all thin in peace. May we exercise in peace or relax in peace. May we all wear tie die or Chanel in peace. May we wear make up or not in peace. May we run households or countries in peace.

And pass the nachos cause right now, I am gonna fat in peace. And I dare anyone to say anything about it…

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