Piper’s 3rd Birthday Letter

Every year on their birthdays I write my children a letter. This is Piper’s third birthday letter.

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Dearest Piper,

You will hear me say this many times over your lifetime but it seems as if you’ve just been born, but also as if we have never been without you. You, my sweet girl, were what we were missing.

I’m late with this letter because I have really been struggling with it. You are three now, no longer a baby, and I admit it is so bittersweet. There will be no new baby to replace your warm little body in my arms, as there was with your brothers. Our family is complete, I feel no baby fever, my three babies are the perfect ones for me and I feel no loss to not having another. So that makes your leaving this phase behind you even more final. You are the last baby I will ever have, and now? You are no baby.


You are all girl. You are strong, and willful, and so powerful I am in awe of you. You know your mind, you know what you like and what you don’t. You do not suffer fools easily. In fact, at all. You are all pink, frilly, delicate and sweet…until you need not be. Then you drop the hammer like no ones business. I know that society will want to encourage the sweet, the pink, the frilly,  will want to cultivate the girly, the small and the quiet. So I have vowed to cultivate what is innherrent in you. The baby bad ass that you truly are.

You can play by yourself for hours with your tiny shopkins, or PJ Masks toys. You love a good dollhouse. But your favorite thing in the world is your brothers, and their toys from the horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s. In particular, some weird ugly chicken named Chica. You love Chica. You and Huck play FNAF and you pretend to be Chica. You have Chica plushies (which is nothing but a rad name to make grown ups feel cool owning stuffed animals, but whatever) You and Huck are inseperable, you play together all day and fight as often as you play, but you cannot be away from one another. If you should happen tomake a friend at a park or church, or even our little cousin comes to visit and you play with her, Huck gets so jealous! You are his Pippi! You love it.

We always joke that between the two boys you have it covered. Max dotes on you, gives you his brand new toys the moment they arrive, even if he has waited for them, even if their are chica! He praises you and makes a big deal out of every accomplishment. Absolutely everything you do is perfect in his eyes, and on the off chance that he does get annoyed with your little sister antics, they are short lived and he cant’t wait to snuggle you again.

Huck? Huck started out as brother boot camp, he is rough with you, sometimes too rough, but you go back for more. Huck encourages your toughness, you fight back, and frequently you win. But it’s not all roughhousing, he is your stalwart playfellow. You develop games together, you create and paint together and oh, how you laugh together.  He is still young enough to watch your shows and share your interests. And when the three of you are laughing together, especially when I hear it from the other room, I swear it is the happiest moment of my entire life.

You start school in the fall and you are ready! You know your ABCs though it can be a bit dodgy about the middle, but you smile that smile and we all tell you it was perfect. We are suckers for our Pippi.

You like your hair down, no ponytails but we force you to have one so your hair won’t be in your face. You will only wear pink. You love your pink sparkly jelly shoes. Minnie Mouse, Owlette, and Puppy Dog Pals. Bunny is still your very favorite and you sleep with her every night. You love going to movies and swinging in the red swing. I confess, I don’t swing you enough. You still sleep with me at night, and I will be sad when that ends. You snuggle up close and I can smell your sweet hair and your soft breathing and it just stops me in my tracks that I got a girl.


We say it all the time, the boys your father and me, we are so glad we got a girl.

You are our girl. And we love you so. You are precious beyond measure to us, and no one better mess with our girl.

Cause you can take care of yourself. (but if you need back up, we got your six)

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