SIX; Huck’s birthday letter

Every year on their birthday I write my children a letter to mark the year. This is Huck’s sixth birthday letter.


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My dearest Huckleberry,

SIX! You were so excited to be six you woke up at 4 am and simply couldn’t get back to sleep.  Six is a real live big kid! I cannot help but smile every time you cross my mind which is often. “I’m six right now!” you said joyfully in the morning and then again on the way to the movie theatre to celebrate with Captain Underpants. It was so pure that we couldn’t help but awe at your comment.

That’s you. Pure joy. Whatever it is, you are all in! And your birthday? Well, you bring the party!

I am not sure there is anything in the world that can instantly transform my mood like your patented Happy Dance. Snoopy has nothing on your happy dance!

In January we had a house fire and you were in the kitchen when it was burning. Of everyone in the family you have had the hardest time with it. You cannot be alone right now, you get very scared, afraid even to go to the bathroom by yourself! I am sorry it took me so long to realize what was going on with you, every beep from the microwave, every noise from the coffee maker, and heartbreakingly when the smoke detector went off at Ma and Bob Bob’s house panics you and my heart hurts that I didn’t instantly understand instead of brushing it off. You tend to shake things off so easily that it took me too long to understand how affected you were by the fire. Ma and I take turns sleeping with you and snuggling you at night until you feel safe. Every day you feel more confident and we will do whatever necessary to ease your fears. There is something extra painful at watching our happy, spirited little man be so scared. Again I am so sorry it took me so long to understand.

No one in the world loves hugs more than you do. You are still the snuggliest, sweetest little man in the land and you are happiest cuddling close to someone. You love CARS and chose to postpone your birthday party for two weeks so you could have a movie party for CARS3. You love to draw and create, sing and be silly, and more than anything you love your brother and sister.


When Max pays attention to you and you two bond over Five Nights at Freddie’s (which I hate), or he compliments you on a drawing you’ve done, I see you absolutely bloom.  But the real story this year is you and Piper…you and she are best buds, you two cannot be parted from one another right now. You fight and play together all day, and if she tries to talk to someone else or play with someone at the playground or movies you get so jealous, you run up and hug her! It’s really sweet. Listening to you guys laugh and play is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world. You both ask for popsicles in the bath and I know there will be at least 30 minutes of fun for you guys. You make up games and stories and set up rocket ships and beaches all day.


You rocked Kindergarten this year. You make friends easily and bring home all kinds of fabulous stories about them. Kindergarten has a LOT of crushes this year! You love learning, though reading is frustrating to you. This seems to be getting easier now that you got glasses! And listen, the glasses? Are KILLER. You picked them out yourself and we all just thought you made the greatest choice! I love how you swing them down and hook them over one ear when you need to see close up. It’s so cute and resourceful!

Your favorite color is still orange, you go crazy for Panera, and you still love hats. You ‘dare’ people to do things all the time, that aren’t actually dares. Like “I DARE you to give me dinner”, you no longer say ‘mine’ instead of my, but you do still say ‘childrens’ instead of child. You have the cutest way of phrasing things, you’re basically the cutest thing ever.

You are my best model, you love to post for pictures and ask for more! You are charming, sweet, silly, smart as a whip and you do not do anything halfway.

You bring the party.

And I am so glad you brought it to me.

Happy Birthday my sweet Huckleberry, you are my sparkler! My little firecracker and I am so glad you are my kid!
I love you!!!!


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  1. momof3misses June 5, 2017 2:27 pm

    What a cutie! Our family experienced a house party 8 years ago. Luckily, no one was hurt but boy does smoke do a lot of damage! Horrific for our family that was already dealing with so much. I hope you are all ok and he will get better.

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