Every year on their birthdays I write my children a letter. This is Huck’s fifth birthday letter.Huck Birthday collage WM


Dearest Huckleberry,

You are five. FIVE! I know  I sound like a broken record (and you won’t know what that means) but how did this happen? Where did the time go?  Five years ago today we brought you home from the hospital, so tiny and pink. You were one of those adorable “old man babies” and we were all smitten with you, no one more than Max.

Five years have passed and while you no longer look pink, tiny, or like an old man we remain smitten with our sweet Baboo. You are the spirit and the fire of our family. You bring the party wherever you go and you are all in for whatever is happening. This is usually a great thing, but sometimes not. You are what they describe as a “spirited” child, which means you have a very strong personality and a lot of joy, ideas, commitment and excitement. These are all amazing and excellent qualities that I cherish in you, even if it does make parenting a challenge sometimes. I read once that spirited children make for successful adults if we can just resist parenting the spirit out of them, and as your mother that is my goal. It’s hard to keep you safe and teach you how to negotiate the world when you are flying among the clouds and will not listen.

Listening is your least favorite thing in the world.

You said to me the other day “I get in trouble a lot” and that may seem true, we haven’t found your currency yet, so now we are trying something new. It broke my heart when you said that. The difference between you, Max (and so far Piper) is that when we tell them no, and why…they stop. You look at us with the cutest most sneaky little smile and keep on going. You test. And that’s okay. I want you to know that while you may GET into trouble a great deal right now, you are NOT a trouble to us. You are a joy. For no one brings pure love and joy to our family like you do.

You still love to hug and cuddle. You still say “mine” instead of  “my”. You are still the perfect size for snuggling. You love Rescue Bots and you felt bad about leaving Paw Patrol behind. You are kind, sweet, and above all else JOYOUS. Much like your joy is all encompassing, your hurt feelings or anger are also all encompassing. Your father likes to say you have been “notoriously wronged!” when you are upset and your anger is righteous! You, sir, are fully committed to whatever it is you are feeling.

You hate pants. In fact the very moment you get home you are pantsless. We are all used to it and in the words of your brother. “Huck has no pants on, that’s just his thing.” I used to fight you on it, but now…I just laugh. This too shall pass and soon you’ll be grown and off and I will laugh at how you used to wear a shirt and shoes and no pants.

Your perspective on the world is a constant delight. You handle your brother’s anxiety and sensory issues  beautifully. Willingly switching your party to a place he could enjoy, even when I reassured you that your party should be wherever YOU wanted it to be.

Max is reading Harry Potter right now and you’ve scratched your forehead in the exact Harry Potter spot, the other day  we were talking about it being a bummer we are Muggles and you piped up “not all of us! Max has super powers!” We frequently say that Max has super sonic hearing because of how easily loud noises can upset him. In that moment you made your big brother feel amazing. Thank you for that.

Spending time with you is so much fun, I am looking forward to trips this summer and lazy afternoons with you. There is nothing I don’t adore about you. You are a good, sweet boy, and while mischief comes easily to you, empathy comes even more naturally.

I am proud of how you grow every day.

You are my Huckleberry, through and through.

I cannot wait to see what this next year brings for you. You cannot wait to start Kindergarten and you are whip smart! I hope that you will be able to learn to follow rules and listen, while not losing that spirit and sweetness that make you YOU!

I love you always. Exactly as you are.






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  1. jodi June 7, 2016 10:59 am

    Happy whole hand birthday Huck!

    He sounds so much like Michael at 5! The spiretedness gets easier, and the sweetness and intelligence stays. Much love to you both.

    (I can not believe this is the tiny baby that I held in my house. Was this really 5 years ago?)

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