Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down…

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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Except for rainy days. I love rainy days. Love them. Mondays though, ugh. Right? Except there IS a certain deep sigh I can breathe when my kids are back to school. I mean I love my kids. Love them. But it’s kind of nice to have a touch of quiet knowing they are safely ensconced in the care of others and learning to be productive members of society. Even one of them is only in preschool for 2 hours…an hour and forty five minutes by the time I get home. Hour and a half by the time I get the baby to nap.

That’s not enough time to REALLY do something. Well, take a shower. Yes. I could do that. A long hot shower without someone ripping open the shower curtain with the latest breaking Paw Patrol news! Yes, maybe I’ll take a shower. And blow dry my hair. That’s a luxury.

First though, I’ll just sit and enjoy the quiet and drink some coffee. Now where IS my coffee? Ah, yes. there it is, right there on the kitchen counter where I left it. I do adore that cute Starbucks travel mug. It makes me smile every time I use it. I purposely bought it so I could drink coffee while driving the boys to school. But I left it and now it’s cold.

I’ll just pretend it’s iced coffee. I remember when my husband and I were dating and we would go to little cafes and drink iced coffee and people watch. This is just like that. Except for the massive pile of laundry I need to fold and put away. And the breakfast dishes to wash. I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy my cold coffee.

Wait, is that the Phineas and Ferb theme? I must have left the tv on in ┬áthe playroom. I should probably get up and turn that off. HA! This is one of my favorite episodes. Oh, Candace. Candace, Candace, Candace.Why don’t my kids appreciate the genius of Phineas and Ferb like I do?

So funny.

Huh? What? I must have dozed off. Time to go get the preschooler!

Good thing my cold coffee is already in a travel mug.

Mondays. Right?

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