Hey Jealousy…

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Oh, my sweet crazy middle child. He has had a rough go of it the last month. Not only has he been sick, like terrifyingly what on earth is wrong with my baby sick, but he has watched oh so closely as big brother got a new backpack for school, new shoes, new clothes, new everything!

Baby brother has hand me downs. This injustice was made worse by not only his feeling poorly physically and eaten alive by jealousy of Max’s new high top converse,  then….THEN Piper’s first birthday gift showed up from Auntie Bridget. Pink converse, personalized with a purple butterfly and monogrammed with her name.   Huck was beside himself.  He was now, the ONLY member of our family without Chucks.

It’s the little things, right?

Sometimes you just gotta toss out all the mismatched socks and hit Target for all brand new white easy to to match socks. Sometimes you gotta plop your middle baby right on your lap, put him on Converse.com and let the little man order himself some new kicks. I thought he would choose red ones. He had mentioned red and of course, Lightning McQueen is red, so Huck’s new shoes would be red. Nope. Max won over McQueen and Huckleberry quickly chose black high top chucks, just like big brother. I paid for quick shipping so hopefully they will be here by Tuesday when he starts school. He can’t wait.

For now we just keep hoping he continues to heal, that this virus soon leaves him behind. After many, many, many trips to the doctor our sweet Baboo was diagnosed with HSP.  At first we thought he was just covered with bug bites but they soon overtook his whole body and we watched as lesions bloomed on his skin before our eyes.  Then they would blister and scab. He had been vaccinated against Chicken Pox (yay science!) but what else could it be? The pediatricians went back and forth, consulting specialists and emailing pictures of his skin to one another. He has excellent care. He had a blood test which came back good, which was great but provided no clues as to what was knocking our boy out. And the blisters and now a high fever just kept coming. Tylenol did nothing. Motrin worked….but only for 2-3 hours and then it shot back up. He was drinking water and sprite so at least that was good.  His doctor said if the fever doesn’t break by Friday we will have to put him in Children’s.

It broke Thursday morning, 2 a.m.  Since then he has been fever free and the blisters are fewer and farther between, but it can take 6 weeks for it to get out of his system, and those thing itch like crazy. He has been such a trooper.

Yesterday he had a dance party and tried to beat up his sister….so I think we are getting back to our old crazy wonderful Huckleberry.

Tonight he has a back to school picnic at “mine school!”, Chucks are on the way, and he even got a brand new non- hand me down shirt (his favorite color) for HIS first day of school.

I’m thinking like Mary Tyler Moore, he is gonna make it after all.


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