Minivan Mom Confessions…

In honor of Piper’s first consistent word, which by the way is “ME!” (as in hey the boys are swinging…ME!) and the release of all of the 2015 Listen To Your Mother Show videos today, I’ve decided to post, you know…ME!

So, if you’re a minivan mama, considering being one. dreading being one, embracing being one this is for you. If you’re cool or not…this one is for you.

It’s all good you guys. It’s all good. You can watch the entire DC show HERE. 

(we can discuss what the heck is up with YouTube cover photos later…because holy what??)

2 thoughts on “Minivan Mom Confessions…

  1. SO awesome! I’m happy to finally hear the voice that I read so often! AND to hear your impersonation of Huck! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I love it! And you make me feel slightly better about my future as a mom who might have to drive a mini van! ox

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