Top five Arbonne picks for summer


photo by Then Again Photography

photo by Then Again Photography

You may or may not know this, but last September I became an Arbonne consultant. I did this for one reason, I can’t buy enough Arbonne. Everything I tried, I loved. And the more I was hitting up MY consultant like a junkie. Once I started learning about the company I was hooked. Not only no animal testing, but cruelty free and vegan. Did you know a product can be cruelty free but still contain animal products because those things are harvested after the death of the animals?  Truth and so gross. (google Mike Rowe animal renderings if you’re really interested in knowing about what is in your make up/moisturizer.) Arbonne also follows the EU guidelines for banned chemicals. The US bans 8 chemicals. The EU band 1400. So there is that. They contain no carcinogens or endocrine interrupters. And the best part is they WORK. I’m obsessed.

I’m a low key consultant. I don’t push parties or flood social media with it, however I get asked fairly regularly what my recommendations would be and instead of typing them out each time someone asks I thought I would just put it here. Some of these are summer specific and some are my all time go-tos!

1. TOP PICK FOR LIFE! RE-9 Advanced 

This is the thing that made me an addict. This system is amazing. My entire skin changed and the last birthday wasn’t so hard to stomach because I felt like my skin was looking better than it had in ages. This is the best anti aging skin care I have ever tried, and I have tried almost everything!  My favorite is the Serum, I cannot get enough Serum. I promise you that by the third night with the system (OMG the night cream) you will wake up and look in the mirror and think WHOA.

2. Liquid Sunshine Self-Tanner 

Being naturally the color of milk I am an aficionado of self-tanners. I am a long time lover of the Jergens  and I do think as far as drug store tanners go it is the best. BUT…this far outperforms it for both natural color, and length of tan. A little goes a long way and I’m stockpiling like a squirrel would with nuts for winter. Seriously.

3. CC Cream 

A heavy foundation in summer just doesn’t work for me, so on the recommendation of my consultant I ordered the CC Cream. It took me a few days to fall in love with it, I confess….and it doesn’t have SPF which when you are the color of milk is important BUT I mix one 1/2 pump of the day cream from the RE9 system and a little bit of CC cream and I am good to go! It stays all day and isn’t too heavy for summer.

4. Glossed over Lip Gloss in Cala

Just the perfect summer pink. The gloss stays put and moisturizes without being too sticky, plus I’m not ingesting any nastiness. I love this gloss. I’m currently pondering whether I can pull off Anise. Because I love this color!

5. FC5 Skin Conditioning oil.

This is a powerhouse product. I kind of feel about it the way the mom in My Big Fat Greek Wedding feels about Windex.  It’s wonderful on acne scars, stretch marks, eczema and a myriad of other skin conditions.

And  one more to grow on!

ABC Baby Care 

You guys, I am certain that a freshly bathed baby with the ABC baby wash is the best smell in the world. I mean, really. Truly.  Piper had the WORST diaper rash when she was sick and the diaper cream took care of it right away. If you have extremely sensitive skin yourself, or psoriasis or eczema this will work for you as well. And again…the scent you guys. The scent. This is what I use on my kids, and less than a dime sized drop will clean a whole kid!


One of the biggest complaints about ordering Arbonne is the cost. I used to really feel that same way until I realized that not only are most drug store brands now costing 24 bucks a pop but they contain a lot of fillers. Arbonne doesn’t and each product lasts a long time. The RE9 system for example contains face wash, toner, serum, eye cream, day cream and night cream and it will last you six months. Unless you’re me and then you order an extra serum because perhaps you over use it…man I love that stuff.


ANYWAY, there you have it! My top five Arbonne picks for Summer 2015!

(those links are to my direct Arbonne page)

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