Caitlyn Jenner. #CallMeCaitlyn

I know, I know, you’re all DYING to know what I think about Caitlyn Jenner’s debut.

I’ll break it down for you, if I had a gif of God starting with a slow clap then  giving a standing ovation it would go right:


It’s always so trite and annoying when people say “God has a plan!” right? After we moved I heard that a lot. I felt like screaming “Oh He does does he? He thought it was a good plan for us to leave LA and all our friends with a ten week old baby, 4 weeks after my best friend was diagnosed with cancer? 11 weeks after my sister had my nephew and we found out he had a genetic metabolic disorder? And then AFTER we move, my husband’s job will fold and we will be left in Akron with NO prospects and I’m gonna go ahead and get a vicious case of postpartum anxiety? That’s God’s plan? That plan SUCKS.”

But then…something like this happens. The literal embodiment of male physical and athletic perfection, the idol of many boys and the dream man of an entire generation of women, a male figure who is still ubiquitous with Wheaties, no matter how many others have graced the front of the box. That this man, who accomplished the pinnacle  of Olympian feats, who even if you were born well past the era of Bruce Jenner is still thought of as one of the greatest male athletes of all time. That Bruce Jenner of all people would truly be a woman, well now, God, THAT’S a plan.

Who better to break down ages old misinformation and judgments? Who else could be so spotless in his masculinity that there is NO denying that we are born this way, not nurtured this way? Who has the resources at her command to make the transition and control who and what she shares with us and when? There is no hiding from Caitlyn Jenner, she is here, as she should be, finally HERSELF.


And what a self.

That is a plan well executed.

Welcome, Lady. Being you looks real good on you.

Thank you, Caitlyn for being brave enough to be YOU. I’m so glad to see you out and about. You’re doing a tremendous thing by living authentically. Today as your pics take the internet like wildfire, keep heart, sure there will be some backlash. There always is. But as my mama always says “that says more about them than it does about you.” Follow the golden rule of never reading the comments, but trust me 95% of them are nothing but love and support. That’s on you and that love and support transfers from you to the young people who are currently not able to live as their true selves. Every day you stand up for yourself you stand up for them. You pave their way as you paved so many other paths before in your life.


You’re one hell of a woman, Caitlyn. Glad you’re here.

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