So I am on CNN today talking about Postpartum Anxiety, and something is missing.

**So I am on CNN today talking about Postpartum Anxiety, and something is missing.

11129342_10152583688705876_4431376740890062696_nA few weeks ago I was interviewed by CNN along with a friend of mine and blogger for their mother’s day piece on Postpartum Depression.

you can watch it here. (no one mention the bags under my eyes, K?)

There is never enough time to discuss all the facets of what Stacy and I went through, what mothers all over go through. But, like most times we are interviewed, one thing sticks out that we would like to clarify. And this interview is no different. I’ve been through this enough to know that indeed when someone says something was ‘out of context’ and ‘edited for time’ frequently this isn’t just an excuse for having said something stupid, it’s the truth! CNN’s time segment for this piece was small, the people involved were lovely, genuinely interested and wanted to help. I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with them…

But still…

In the piece you hear me say that on twitter, Facebook, and online people say horrible things to mothers.  Yes, that’s true. However this quote is used to support  the implication that turning to the internet when you are suffering is an all out  bad idea. Now, you and I both know that for most of us, the internet is the first place we look. Our doctors are busy and not available at 3:15 in the morning when our hearts are pounding and we are feeling lost and type in ‘could I have Postpartum Anxiety or postpartum depression?’ Would that they were…but they are not.

The internet cannot and should not take the place of proper medical care.*

But instead of just saying “the internet is scary” I wish they had given some great resources for millennial moms (since this was specifically geared toward them) I wish they had taken a moment to guide moms through the sea of junk info out there to help women find the good. And there is plenty of good.

Sure,  the internet can be a dark and scary place. What isn’t in that segment is how much help and support is out there on the internet. If you think you are suffering, your first call  in the morning should be to your doctor. Then type in Postpartum Progress (or click the link) and meet tons of women sharing their stories and helping one another, you will find resources to get help if you are lost. If you are on twitter use the hashtag #PPDChat and you will be connected with people on twitter at any time, there are specified times for chats but if you are in instant need, you can always check that out. Or tweet me, @stephdsays or @postpartumprog and we can lend an ear. I am not a therapist, obviously, but I am a mom who has been through this twice. It sucks. You’re not alone.

What about those who don’t have insurance coverage? Some companies still view mental health as verboten for coverage? Where are people supposed to turn? The internet can be an INCREDIBLE resource, and incredible support can be found there.

How does Postpartum Depression affect millennials? The same as Gen X, and those before them and those before them. It devastates you. It sucks joy from your life and makes you feel like crap. Like you aren’t a good mother.

But you are. And millennial are most likely to get on the internet first to ask for help. So please be careful where you go, avoid the dark side…but don’t be afraid to hop on line and ask for help.

Because of an AMAZING doctor who saw I was struggling when I assumed I all new moms go through this, to great support from my family and yes…the internet, to- and I am not gonna lie- zoloft, I am happy now. I have a normal level of fear and anxiety. I can sleep.

Living with postpartum depression is hard. You can get through it. Your doctor, and yes the internet  is here to help.


*if you feel that your doctor isn’t giving your problems enough consideration find another doctor. My second OB asked if I had had any postpartum problems and when I told him about my PPA/OCD thoughts he informed me “that’s not a thing” I got a new doctor. Proper medical care is important. But the internet is a valuable resource.

** I heard from CNN and they have a great anchor tag at the end of the piece on TV where they offer information of where to go on the web. This is fantastic, however it is nowhere on the web clip and I really feel it should be. Once again I can’t say enough how lovely the people at CNN are to work with, I just wish this information was covered IN the clip. 

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