A whirlwind.

Starting with Easter, spring break was a whirlwind. Much like Christmas break it went far too fast for me. Plus part of it was really rainy and bleh so I want a do over!

Like last year we spent the holiday with our Friend/Family the R’s and again it couldn’t have been better. A real dream come true for this small family gal to have landed smack in the middle of a big family where friends are readily welcomed and adopted right in! I don’t think I spent more that three minutes with Piper the entire time, she was stolen by Aunties Kristen, Bridget, Shannon and more! She had a glorious time, as did all the kids. I mean who doesn’t love a party where each kid gets 70 eggs!

PicMonkey Collageeaster

One of our bests was out of town and we really missed her though, we all kept wanting to tell her things and she wasn’t there. She is hereby forbidden to travel on holidays for ever and ever. We made her sign a billion year contract just like the Scientologists. (did you watch going clear? Let’s discuss…)


On Friday my father in law retired from National Geographic in what can  only be described as an emotional happy breakfast celebration. Everyone turned out to laud him and extoll his awesomeness, including us. Although Huck just really wanted a donut and Piper tried to steal everyone’s jewelry and chewed on the founder’s table, but it was really lovely and a touch sad. He’s done so much for geography and making sure our children are educated and entertained, I truly think it’s a great loss for us all. But fun for him cause now he gets to, in the words of Max “Help  mommy deal with us.”




Friday was also the first time I was featured on the Washington Post! Very exciting for this gal, right here! My essay Sometimes They Just Want Their Mommy was featured and a wonderful write up about Listen To Your Mother DC! (did you get your tickets yet? cause you should!)

Then driving home I received a message from ABC news wanting to interview me about my C-section piece, so I went ahead and did that in a minivan full of kids, cause I’m a professional! And that led to the most hilarious screencap I’ve ever seen over my own photo.



Who knew? None of the ultrasounds warned us he was a Baby Gorilla! Sidenote: now I want a Baby Gorilla. (read it here.) 

THEN I got asked to be interviewed for another something that I don’t want to say till it happens cause I’m sleep deprived and superstitious! But it’s newsy, and that made three news sites in 12 hours that wanted little old me. And just the day before I had complained I was always the bridesmaid never the bride!

Saturday was the first read through for LTYM and I am so jazzed about this show this year! I know I never really write about it, the whole process is hard for me to describe. It melds my old life with my new and in one show a year I feel renewed. It’s so amazing and I’m lucky to be involved. For realz.




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