Every year I write a letter to my kids on their birthdays. Today Huck is three and this seems impossible, simply impossible.


Dearest Huckleberry,

My God how I love you. When I was pregnant with you everyone would tell me “oh, he will be so different from Max.” but I couldn’t fathom that. I couldn’t even conceive of who you would be. But I wondered a lot…what would you like? What would you do?

You are so, so very different from your big brother. I worry sometimes that you might feel like you are not the “good” kid, because Max is such a pacifist. He hands over every toy and never fights back to your completely normal childhood beatings. I want you to know that you- YOU are a good kid too. You are. You have had many struggles in your second year, it took a while for you to talk, you still hit too easily, you’ve even been known to take a bite out of your brother (I don’t blame you, he is delicious) but you are a GOOD kid, through and through. You are sweet natured, kindhearted, and hands down the best hugger and cuddler known to man. You snuggle in like a champ and I hold tight knowing that very soon you’ll be grown and you’ll no longer fit so perfectly in my arms.

You are a natural consequence kind of boy. I can warn you, threaten you and forbid you to do things in order to keep you safe, but you just have to fall off that slide for yourself. But you are scared of the big things and you come to me saying “I scared.” scramble into my arms and rest your warm face in the nook of my neck. I am fairly sure that’s what heaven in like.

Your cheeks are a delicacy, and lucky for me you love to let me nibble them. Your giggle is musical and absolutely contagious.

Ligh-Queen is still your very favorite, we have ten of them and that’s not enough for you. You love to watch youtube videos of Lightning McQueen toys. I don’t understand this in the least, but hey! it makes you smile. You like to press your belly to mine saying “tummy tummy!” and you love to talk to Baby Honey.

You know your colors and can count to 10 consistently. You long to be one of the big kids and while Max had to be convinced to join in you get right in the middle of the fray! If there are kids playing, you want in! I am so proud of you, of who you are growing into and you exactly as you are now.

I love you. I hope your third year is as glorious and fun as your second! I can’t wait to see what adventures we will have. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather adventure with than you and Max.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Baboo.

You can read my letter to Huck on his second birthday here.  and his first birthday letter here.

5 comments on “Three.

  1. Karri June 4, 2014 9:45 am

    so so sweet. sniff.
    when elliott was that age, chick hicks was his thang. we had 4. i get it.

  2. traceybecker June 4, 2014 9:59 am

    Sigh… I love 3. Hope it’s a fantastic year for Huck!

  3. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven! June 4, 2014 12:52 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUCK!!! This is so sweet – and I love it. Your kids, as I always say, are awesome! ox Baby Honey will be just the same 🙂

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