A completely fascinating post…

This will be a completely fascinating post if you are my mother. Or perhaps not even her, as the answer to “who will baby girl look like?” does not seem to be one of her dogs. (I tease but for reals if you need a dog trainer in the Denver Metro my mom is the shizz, she wrote the book. Literally)

I haven’t written much about this pregnancy because honestly I am bored of myself.  Certainly the world doesn’t need yet another oh yay! contractions all night for me again! post.  Or I am so tired of throwing up! (And really, isn’t that what why we have Facebook?) But honestly that’s really whats happening. Lots of contractions for weeks, we are now 33 weeks so at least we are getting to the time when if something happens we will be in a much better position than we were a month ago. And yes, I am a vomiting fool. All day, every day.

It’s so fun!

Did you guys see the movie Rosemary’s Baby? When she is so weak and in pain and can’t keep anything down and the baby is actively stealing everything? That’s me! Except baby G is obviously not the spawn of Satan but rather a really cute preppy guy named Zach who used to let me abuse his Abercombie employee discount in an effort to woo me. It worked. The upshot is that I’m not gaining any weight in the last month, I am actually losing weight since you know, puking.  The good news is the baby is doing great, rocking it at about 5 pounds of adorable. She is stealing calcium from my teeth and bones, protein from my muscles. That little brat. Explains why I am so weak and grumpy.  But one look at that weirdly precious ultrasound and all is forgotten. I’d love to see a brain scan while a momma sees her unborn on a 3d ultrasound because I swear I can feel those good in love hormones coursing through my body. Anyway, yesterday was a mad conference of my doctors and now I am to drink super awesome (and by that I mean totally gross) protein drinks and just attempt to get some protein in me. It took 5 hours of small sips yesterday but mission completion!

I’ve now begun a full list of things I am going to completely inhale when she is born. It includes Mexican food from every local restaurant and a lot of cheese.

One question was answered yesterday, will she look more like Max or Huck?



Answer: Huckleberry.

I might think this was the same baby if I didn’t know better. Needless to say Max’s nose is a tad out of joint as he is the one who really wants a baby sister and feels “She should really look like both of us, that’s only fair.” Honestly I think she has Max’s precious mouth. She may have his eye or hair color. And if she gets those freckles, she’ll be a lucky girl. But a little girl Huck? Yes please! Whatever she looks like, I love her madly.

Now I have to go puke and later hit up the doctors again. Sheila E said it best…The Glamorous Life.


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  1. TexasBobbi June 3, 2014 3:12 pm

    Feel better soon and now I want mexican food.

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