Friday I’m in LOVE


I took all of last week off because we went to Ohio, Zach’s nana had hip replacement surgery and his papa ended up in the hospital and it was just a giant ball of relaxation around those parts. My Mother in law has been there for a month taking care of them and so we headed on over in the van armed with a dvd player and more goldfish crackers than there are actual goldfish in the world.

While we were there I had the chance to shoot my new little cousin Finley’s 3 month photos! (Yes, we now have a Huck and Fin and someday theme photos will be taken) I also got to do a little photo shoot with her big sisters Kaylin and Lauren. It was a blast and I continue to learn every time I do a shoot.








This week I fell madly in love with a whatchamacalit cyclone from FLUBS. This will be a definite when we go back for Thanksgiving. IN the meantime I have eaten two Whatchamacallit bars since then. Obviously.

This site made me laugh because I am indeed a fashion blog stalker. How I adore watching these women in their  5 inch heels jauntily skipping across the street carelessly swinging their Celine bag. Because my life is JUST LIKE THAT. Except heels=flats and I am not so much jauntily skipping across the street as I am haphazardly racing after a toddler screaming not in the street!  

My new obsession with Pretty Little Liars continues. As soon as the Boss passes out I am on Netflix faster than you can say what the hell is going on!? I am only on season two, so don’t tell me…but holy crap. Also? Those teen age girls are way wild. I was very boring in comparisson.  Are you watching this? Because it is damn good fun.

I don’t love this, but it’s terrifying and good to know. Before you head to the beach, read it.

I have a new hair dye love. I know…but hear me out! I am not going to dye my hair whore yellow again. I may or may not have some greys, and depending on whether you have some greys may I reccommend the lovely new cheap-o hair dye by Vidal Sassoon? Because it is the BEST. It actually covers the greys and has such a nice color! I’m playing it safe from here on out. Plus there is always a coupon so it ends up being like $5.99. The End.

And last but not least the LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER VIDEOS are up!! YAY! (i do hope you’re picturing me doing my very best Kermit the Frog impression there) I am extremely proud of this years show, and as I work my way through the other cities I am so proud to be involved and believe even more in women’s voices being raised up. Here’s my piece on Postpartum Anxiety.

This weekend I am going to take Boss on a little date. I think maybe a movie and some fro-yo. We need some Mommy-Max time. And Sunday? I’ll be at the pool. All day. All the livelong day. Have a wonderful weekend!

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