Gotta get down on Friday.

First of all, let’s discuss The Office finale because I laughed, cried, laughed, cried, laughed, cried. I thought it was perfect. They tied everything up beautifully without it ever being cheesy or trite. All the characters remained true to who they were and well…I loved it crazy. And then Scandal? SCANDAL. WHAT THE MOTHER LOVING WHAT!!!

So, while last week dragged on and on, this week seemed to fly! It was just Monday! This week was full of new sounds for Huck who is finally deciding that speaking might be a good plan. I was glad to have Heather evaluate him while were in LA, so I knew where we were just in case we needed speech therapy or any intervention. She gave him a thorough exam and declared that he understood everything, could follow all commands but he was just a boy with a hyper-verbal older brother and a bit of a lazy mouth. For example he is not really a big fan of chewing food, thank you very much. Unless it’s a cookie. This week he started saying ‘more’ when he signed it and busted out with keekee (cookie), peez (please), fen fie (french fry), and hysterically enough exackee (exactly). He is getting more and more confident and I am swooning over how happy he gets when he mimics a sounds and we all praise him.

photo 3

Before you know it I’ll be thinking, does this kid ever shut up?

photo 2

This week Boss’ teacher decided that kids with Summer Birthdays get a bum rap, so on Wednesday he celebrated with his  classmates. We served baseball cupcakes and gave out goodie bags. Boss was so happy he beamed all day long and wore his birthday crown until it was almost bedtime. I was so happy he was able to experience this, he felt so special. I am so grateful for his teachers. They are incredible.



I know…I know, this A Beautiful Mess app is like the JCrew bib necklace. Every blogger has it and all our pictures will look the same. And yet? Yet I do not care. This makes it so easy to make cute, quick pictures for the blog and face book. Totally worthy of a Friday Obsession. Go ahead and buy the extra backgrounds, fonts and borders. These women must have made a MINT on this app this week. I know I tossed a fiveski their way.

I want this bee statement necklace from Jeweliq hardcore. All their necklaces are 25 bones! I just can’t decide…mint? or mint and coral?

This article by Clever Title TK’s brother on the burying of the Boston Bomber is brilliant. He brings in Greek Tragedy and it’s breathtaking. I want him to write all the things from now on, thank you very much.

This? Is just plain old bad ass.  This woman says to heck with Barbie and Princesses and recreates incredible portraits of strong women with her daughter. Not Just A Girl is a series I could look at all day. Cool. (also, I want that hat.)


photo by Jaime Moore 

Hope your weekend is full of fun play dates and fancy mustard…that’s how Huck and his buddy do things.

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3 comments on “Gotta get down on Friday.

  1. veamason May 18, 2013 8:59 pm

    I just pinged my husband on FB for that bee necklace. I LOVE bees. My nickname as a kid was queenbee. In a totally sweet, given by great uncles kind of way. I was just the only girl.

    • Stephanie May 20, 2013 11:59 am

      I love that necklace, I can’t decide which one I love more! The mint or the mint and coral!

  2. arnebya May 23, 2013 1:39 pm

    So, Scandal. I watched episode one and hated it. Sleeping with the president? How expected. Smiling in the first lady’s face. How trite. But. Everyone kept talking about it, like not shutting up about it. So the girls went away for spring break and the boy was down for a nap so I kinda Netflixed it and JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. I watched every episode (20+?) in two days — desktop, laptop, phone. Morning, lunchtime, midnight.

    And the speaking? Yeah, you’ll get to the point eventually, occasionally, where you want Huck to just shut it already. But. I can also guarantee that you will continue to marvel, way more than you want him to be quiet. My middle girl, at 9, will say words that still give me pause and send me right back to her at 3 when I wondered where she’d heard a certain word, how her learning that word had gotten past me. Amazement at their language development continues to, well, amaze.

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