Let’s see if my husband reads my blog…

So. I can’t find my engagement ring. It’s somewhere safe, hanging out with my grandmother’s engagement right. I know this to be true because before we went to DisneyWorld I put them both somewhere safe. Somewhere so safe that I cannot, in fact, find them. Why can’t I remember where I put them? I’ve checked all the usual places, all my safe spots, to no avail. I think that I put them in a place and then changed my mind and put them somewhere else. But where?

All the words to the Humpty Dance, my brain has em. Where I put not just one but two of my treasured possesions? Nada.

Why do brains work like this? And will one of those Train Your Brain dvds help? Shall I see a hypnotist? Definitely prayers to St. Anthony who came through the last time I put my engagement ring somewhere. I know…I KNOW. Have you ever left your ring somewhere silly? And sweet jebus I promise I will never take it off again when I find it. I miss it. It’s pretty. I can remember the first time I saw my ring in a magazine and I said “real people don’t get rings like that.” But I did. And now I can’t find it. In the immortal words of Liz Lemon BLURG!

In other news I cut my own bangs yesterday and it’s great. Less Zooey more crazy first grader wields dull scissors. I exagerrate, but I am just batting a thousand over here. As my husband says, “Oh, Stearns. When will you learn?”

I guess the answer is, not yet.

Prayers for my ring, okay?

9 thoughts on “Let’s see if my husband reads my blog…

  1. Last time I lost my pearl earrings (a gift from my MIL for my wedding) I found them while looking for something else I had lost. Somehow, I’m not sure “lose something else” is the right advice…

    1. Thank you, I love it! I’m wracking my brain wondering where I put it! The thing is, I put it somewhere and then changed my mind and moved it…UGH.

  2. I do the same thing ALL the time. I hide my jewelry all over the house and I’m currently missing my Tiffanys pearl necklace (but don’t tell my husband either!). I got smart a year or so ago and finally got a safety deposit box at our bank. It’s $65 a year and I keep our documents (birth certificates, passports, marriage certificate, etc) plus heirloom jewelry (my late mother-in-law’s rings for our daughter, my parent’s engagement ring, etc). Now if I can just find that necklace!

    1. that’s a really smart idea. I may chat with the husband about that…here’s hoping you find your pearls.

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