Shamed by an App

If you know me you know I am obsessed with many things, but two of my main near main line addictions are Starbucks and Target. Especially since most Targets have Starbucks in them. Oh! Heavenly Choirs of Angels! Of course, I have the Starbucks App. Do you? I love this thing, and I swear I buy more because of it. Shopping psycology, I have no defense against you. I thrill to see my star rewards adding up and any free-drink day is a cause for celebration.

I don’t get out much.

In addition to star rewards, you also get free downloads. And this has been my demise. I realize that my days of uber coolness have passed; if they ever existed at all, but I am reminded on a daily basis that I am no longer the target demographic…even if I am the demographic that probably spends the most dough at ‘Bucks.  These free downloads are song downloads. Songs by artists I have never heard of. Hossenpfeffer Ironic and Edith’s Ennui (I made up those names with a nod to Downton Abbey. I’m not even cool enough to muster brain cells to remember the bands I don’t know) I simply delete these, annoyed at the little red 1 that appears next to my app.

The worst (or best) part of this is that I can’t even be bothered to look them up to see if they are any good. Maybe I might like them. But then Imagination Movers is on and Mover Rich is looking good these days.

Maybe someday their theme song will be the free download. That’s a song I know. Maybe someday Mover Scott will rethink that chin hair.

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4 thoughts on “Shamed by an App

    1. I love how pissed off Lady looks, like she’s supposed to be making lovey eyes at him but really they’ve moved on to the dam it! take out the trash Tramp! stage.

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