Happy Day of Motherhood…and all that stuff.

First off, let’s discuss this video my friend Jolyn sent me on Mother’s Day. I laughed so hard I cried. And this is from a CHURCH! That’s one bad ass church, right there. Also, it’s funny cause it’s true. Please to enjoy…

(PS for some inexplicable reason it made me tear up at the end and to that I say; what the hell?)

Fact: I did one thing to this picture of the Boss. One Pretty Baby Lightroom Preset. The skin and eyes are all his. I’d hate him if I didn’t love him so much I want to squeeze him till his head pops off.


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, I did! My husband, sons, cat and dog all sent me beautiful flowers and then we headed off to Starbucks then the National Cathedral and Cactus Cantina. My hand to God I could drink their salsa. While we were headed to the Cathedral we saw a terrible accident on the freeway so we pulled over and Zach ran out to help while I called 911, we stayed on the scene until help arrived. I was so moved by how many people stopped to help. A junior officer ran to the car to make sure it was turned off since it was smoking. An off duty fire fighter, and ER Doctor, a nurse and just regular people stopped to help direct traffic, hold the driver’s neck steady, comfort him and make sure that no one else was injured. It was quite incredible. Almost makes up for the woman in the prius who cut him off making him spin into the wall THREE times, apparently she got out of her car said “I’m fine”and then drove off. So some people suck, but more people rock. Stitch that on a sampler y’all. Mama is profound.

I was well and truly spoiled but my very favorite gift was this:

nothing and I mean nothing beats a home made card by your kid. At least not in my book.


Did you kids make you cry on mother’s day? Mine did.

While the focus is off in this picture I think the way Huck is looking at Boss makes up for it. I love it.
P.S. Gatsby…good. Some directorial choices did not work for me AT ALL, but it was a good time and totally worth seeing it on the big screen. For nothing else but the costumes, sets and jewelry! It made me want to cut my hair and talk Skinnerian. But I won’t.

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