I don’t have my face on yet…

You know how when you are out of diapers, or tampons or chocolate and you have to run out to Target for said items and you are basically still in your pjs and your hair is up in a messy bun  (not one of those sexy Pinterest-y ones but more like  I woke up and my hair looks like a banshee so I wrangled this tangled mess with one single elastic buns) and then you run in to friends while you’re grabbing Starbucks and you want to chat with them even though you know you are a hot mess?
This blog post is just like that.

See those lovely social media icons? Two of them work. Three of them lead to twitter. I have zero idea what I am doing.I can’t figure out how to set an RSS feed up now that fedburner has betrayed us all.  About page? Not done. Links to old blog? Nada. This is why you pay someone to set it all up. Lesson learned. But you guys? You guys? I was blogless for almost three months. At first I kind of enjoyed it. But so much has happened…we went to Disney, then White House Easter Egg Roll, then LA and then Reese got arrested (you know how I love her) and Gwynnie was named most beautiful woman (you know how I love to hate her). And then Listen To Your Mother happened and, truly, even I can only tweet so much. So yeah, I’ve missed you. Let’s catch up.

And please, please overlook that I look a mess.

15 thoughts on “I don’t have my face on yet…

  1. Um, LOVE this. My hair is in one of those messy buns right now. I so need a shower. You’re doing an AWESOME job with your new site. Can’t wait for lunch. Dude, did we ever actually pick a date??

  2. Really 4 of your little icon thingies work. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The other two (email and RSS) lead you to twitter. That’s 66% or 2/3rds working!! I know how much you love math. xoxox

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